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As we celebrate the first ‘18 months’ of Mission*24L* around the globe, it remains the best time to review the progress and future plans for this unique movement which will have greatest impact on the way Jainism will be perceived globally in the days to come.

Since I've last written, solid progress on the Mission*24L* front is continuing throughout the world. Before launching into all that has occurred in the past 18 months, I'd like to highlight the hard work of several Jainworld teams in developing, reviewing, and loading the contents of various languages. It is not a small task considering 500+ people involved in various countries across the globe handling diverse functions like administrative, technical, translation, selection of material, arranging finance, arranging infrastructure , web design, legal matters, PR, & so on.

Despite the fact that we are doing work only on Jainism, the processes for each language can be quite different. We have seen this throughout much of 18 months. Our teams evaluated processes and procedures from language to language and are now developing integrated approach.



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Here's a summary of achievements over the past 18 months:

·         English: Jainworld is now a truly global site visited from 122 countries and more than 42,000+ hits per day.  From1997, JainWorld has been working relentlessly to create a global identity for Jainism as  independent, unique religion and it’s great value system and to create a new awareness about the unique principals of Jainism by making core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time. Whether some one wants to stay with Jain families to understand how Jains follow non-violence in day-to-day life or wants free material on Jainism or a Jain Recipes needed by hotels worldwide to serve Jain food to their guest, they came to Jainworld. A professor or a student wanting material on Jainism, writers, institutions wanting to borrow photos and other contents, Interfaith wants someone to talk on Jainism then JainWorld is there to help. Names like BBC, National Geography, Harvard, Princeton , etc. Radio stations, TV stations, they all come to Jainworld. In fact, for non-Jains, www.jainworld.com is the de-facto entry point to the exciting world of Jainism. Thanks to continued dedication and support from all of you.       


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  • Hindi: Several prominent Jains are working on this. More than 1600 pages worth of material is released by way of 11 books. Work is progressing on several other books that are getting ready.
  • Kannada: First book  is being loaded onto the web. Work on this language is progressing and new material is being developed. Prominent scholars from Karnataka are spearheading the efforts.
  • Marathi: More than 1900 pages worth of material is released by way of 14 books. Prominent scholars from Maharastra are spearheading the efforts.
  • Oriya: Two books are loaded onto the web. Work on this language is progressing and new material is being added.
  • Tamil: Several pages worth of material is already released. Work is progressing and new material is being developed by a dedicated group of Jain Scholars and IT wizards.

Work on many more languages like Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Gujarati, Bengali is planned during the next few months along with enhancement of exisiting language editions.


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·         JWTech: (JainWorld Technical Advisory Board)  The purpose of the group is to address all the technical problems (related to Jainworld and its projects like mission*24L* and help evolve future technical directions for JainWorld to make sure that it remains in tune with changing times and technology. Currently we have 22+ topnotch Jain IT stalwarts mostly in USA manning the show.

·         JWTrust: A group of prominent Jains working  as  Board of Trustees’ are spending their time, talent and resources to manage the overall functioning and future direction of JainWorld.

·         JWBoard: JainWorld Advisory Board consists of eminent people from Jain society from various countries who  provide leadership to various teams handling different activities. They help in administrative, PR, legal and financial aspects.

·         JWTeams: There are separate teams for each language and they work in close coordination with several other teams.


As we continue to expand the visibility of Jainism through the Mission*24L* movement we refine the path to strategic growth and opportunities for taking Jainism to masses. With your support and teamwork, we can help the humanity in satisfying their urgent requirements of peace, friendship, brotherhood, equality, dignity, and spirituality for all and make this earth a real paradise.


Your dedication can make a significant difference in the world and benefit a lot of people.  

Be a part of this exciting, fulfilling movement --- Mission*24L*

Yours in Jainism,

        Vinod          (and the entire 'JainWorld' team)  Contact   [email protected] )



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