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What can  I �   do to help this historic project?

        Collect soft copy of Jain Books in all the languages.

        Collect Jain Audio / Video/ Clipart/ photos /Paintings (in all the languages).

        Identify matter to be taken on web.

        Web design in all the languages. Final proof reading.

         Create matter in  PDF, Unicode , HTML format.

        Coordination with people from different languages. 

        Identify people who can help us in translating and proofreading.

        Increase general awareness about this project. Inform media and others.

       Find sponsors for some of these activities. Donate tax free.

       Collect / give donations which are tax free in USA


Contact: Vinod Daryapurkar  [email protected]   # 678 362 2662

JainWorld, 5206, Summit Deer Creek, Alpharetta , GA , 30004 , USA