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BBC .. Jainism ..and JainWorld  


Congratulations to BBC for successful launch of Jainism section on their website from  7 December 2003.

JainWorld is proud to be associated with it. When BBC wanted to create a section on Jainism it came to Jainworld. It really started in  July 1999 when  David Kremer @ BBC contacted www.jainworld.com and  now. .it is a reality.


For more than 7 years, JainWorld has been working to create a global identity for Jainism as independent, unique religion and it�s great value system and to create a new awareness about the unique principals of Jainism by making core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time.  

Whether some one wants to stay with Jain families to understand how Jains follow non-violence in day to day life or wants free material on Jainism or a Jain Recipes needed by Hotels world wide to serve Jain food to their guest they came to Jainworld. A professor or a student wanting material on Jainism, writers, institutions wanting to borrow photos and other contents, interfaith wants someone to talk on Jainism

In fact, for non-Jains, www.jainworld.com  is the de-facto entry point to the exciting world of Jainism. Thanks to  continued support from all of you.