State: Bihar

Title: Kalyanak, Mangal, Nirvana Kshetra

City: Champapur

Information: The conception, birth, Diksha, kevalgyan and nirvana, all the five kalyanaks of 12th Tirthankar Vasupujay at one place. No other place has all the five kalyanaks of a Tirthankar at one place. Bhagwan Vasupujay was one of the panch Balyati ( who never married). Champapur was the capital of the Anga. Tirthankar Mahavir also visited this place. Vaupujaya had a red coral color body. Vasupujay practised austerities, got enlightenment and attained nirvana on the Mandaragiri hillock here. In front of the temple is a 2200 years old manstambh. Previously there were many manstambhs, some got destroyed in the earthquake 200 years ago and the other in the earthquake of 1935.

Radhopur Tekra Temple

It is a 900 years old temple.

Mulnayak: Tirthankar Vasupujayji

Saravagi Temple:

Mulanayak: The Adinath idol is of  541 B.C.

How to reach:  Railway train available,Bus available,Taxi available and can go by car.  Near by station Bhagalpur. Kshetra is three km. from Nathnagar. One should go to Nathnagar from Bhagalpur.

Lodging: Staying facilities available.