State: Bihar

Title: Kalyanak Kshetra

City: Kundgram

Information: Kundgram is also known by Vasukund and Vaisali. gada  It is identified with the ruined site called Basrah in the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. Kundgram is the conception, birth, Diksha Kevalgyan Kalyanaks of 24th Tirthankar Mahavir. Vaisali was a very important city at that time ( 609 B.C.) and was the capital of the kingdom of Vajjian.

Its head Cetaka was the maternal grand father of Mahavira whose birthplace Kundagrama was the suburb of Vaisali. Vaisali was attacked and destroyed in the 6th Cent. and Licchivis moved to Nepal, Tibet, Ladakh and Southern India.

In 13th - 14th cent. Buddhists also damaged the remaining Jaina hold in this place. It was a deserted site from where many ancient Jaina relics have been unearthed. On March 31, 1945 Jagdish Chandra Mathur, then Education Minister of Bihar, Dr. Yogendra Misra and Jagannath Prasad Sahu organised Vaisali Sangh and created awareness of its importance. On April 21, 1948 Mahavir Jyanti was celebrated. In 1952 with the efforts of Sahu Shantiprasad Jain, Sangh started the Vaisali Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Prakrit and Jainoly. On Dec. 1, 1955 it was converted to Vaisali Research

Institute of Prakrit, Jainology and Ahinsa. In 1956 the memorial, of the shape of a big lotus in a tank was built and was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad president of India. This monument has been built on the 2 acre land which the Jatharia tribe saved and believing it to be the birthplace of Tirthankar.

Mahavir Temple:

The temple was renovated and new vedis were built in 1954.

Mulnayak: Tirthankar Mahavir 4 ft. 6 in. tall white idol in padmasan.


How to reach: Railway train available. Near by station is Nalanda- 3km. It is 9 km from Rajgir, 21 km from Pavapuri via Bihar-Sharif. In Patna one has to cross the Ganges by taking a steamer at Mahendrughat to Pahlejaghat, then by bus or train to Hajipur. From Hajipur by bus or taxi. Vaisali is 36 km. from here.

Lodging: Research Institute has a good Guest House. Dharamshala is also here