State: Bihar

Title: Siddha Kshetra

City: Pavapuri 

Information: Pavapuri is the Nirvana bhumi / Nirvana kalyanak of 24th Tirthankar Mahavir. Folklore says, so many people came to visit this place at and after  nirvana of Bhagwan Mahavir, that by their picking up a pinch of holy soil (to rub on their forehead) a huge lake was formed, which is called Nokhur Sarover. The marble temple is on an islet inside the lotus-filled tank. It has a manstambh on the bank of the tank.

Lake Temple:

Temple in the lake is connected to the bank by a 600 ft. long bridge. In the temple are three pedestals, central pedestal has the charan of Tirthankar Mahavir, on the left pedestal are 'charans' of Gautam Swami, and on the right are charans of  Sudharmaswami. There is no idol in the temple. gada

Mulnayak: Tirthankar Mahavir

Other Statues: Gautam Swami, Sudharmaswami

There are seven Digamber Jain temples and many Svetamber temples.

Mulanayak: Tirthankar Mahavira

Other statues: Tirthankars Shantinath, Parasnath, and Chaubisi.

How to reach: Railway train available,Bus available,Taxi available and can go by car.  44km from Bakhtiyarpur. 23 km from Navada. The nearest railway station is Fajilnagar. Pavapuri is 24 km. from Rajgrahi, On Nalanda - Patna - Ranchi road. Pavapuri is 14 km. from Biharsharif.

Lodging: It has two Dharamshalas, the big has 82 rooms and the smaller has 33 guest rooms .