State: Bihar

Title: Kalyanak Kshetra

City: Rajgrahi, Rajgir

Information: Rajgrahi was also know as Rajgir. This place was the capital  of the ancient kingdom of Magadha. Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavira visited this place many times. He delivered his first sermon on the mount Vipula outside this city. Rajgir is the conception, birth, Diksha, kevalgyan kalyanaks place of 20th Tirthankar Munisubratnath. Surrounding the city are five hillocks: Vipula, Ratna, Udaya, Sharamangiri, and Vaibhara. On the hills are temples which are frequently visited by the pilgrims.

Several sulphur springs have added attraction for health resort. There are many rock-cut Jaina cave temples, the most important of which is the Sonabhandara. It is about 2000 years old.

Vipulachal, Vipulgiri

Eleven great scholars ( Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti, Bayubhuti; Mandikputra, Moryaputra; Vyakta, Sudharma, Akampita, Achalbhrata, Maitarya and Prabhas ) were his disciples Gandhars. Mandiputra and Moryaputra were brothers. Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti and Bayubhuti were  also brothers. Indrabhuti was later known as the famous Gautam Buddha.  He interpreted the Mahavira 1st sermon at Vipulachal. Jammuswami took Diksha and attained kevalgyan on Vipulgiri.

After climbing the 150 steps one comes to the top of the hillock and can see the charans of Tirthankar Mahavir. Walking for a mile more one reach the temple,  and the  charan of Chandraprabhu.

Mulnayak: Tirthankars Chandraprabhu, and Mahavir

Other Statues: Charans of Sudharmaswami


It is two miles from Vipulachal. Ratnagiri is the nirvan place of Kevalis Dhandatt, Sumandar and Meghrath.

Mulanayak: 4 ft. tall dark stone  idol in padmasan of Tirthankar Munisubratnath

Other statues: Charans of Tirthankars Chandraprabhu, Shantinath, Neminath, Parasnath, Vasupujaya.


Udaigiri is 2 miles from Ratnagiri. Temple is on the top of the mound. It has 786 Steps to climb.

Mulnayak: This temple has the 6 ft, tall idol of Tirthankar Mahavir in Khad.

Other Statues: Nearby in Maniyarmath in 1851 A.D. General Cunningham excavated

the mound. At 19 ft. depth, he found the statue of Tirthankar Parasnath with Dharmendra having seven hoods.


This hillock is three miles away from the Udaigiri mound. On the top of of the hillock are four temples. There are 1061 steps to climb to the hill top,

Mulnayak: Tirthankars Shantinath, Adinath.


Vaibhargiri is beyond Sonabhadra caves. It has 565 steps to climb. A very big temple was unearthed, which has 22 rooms with many idols of Tirthankars Mahavir, Neminath, Adinath, Panch Balyati, Parasnath, etc.

Svetamber Temple: This has the idols of Tirthankars Parasnath, Neminath, Shantinath.

Mulnayak: In Digamber temple has the idol of Tirthankar Mahavir.

Other Statues: Charans of Acarya Shri Shantisagarji

Temples at the foot hill, Lal Mandir:

It is a big temple with 5 shikhars and five vedis. The 1st pedestal has Tirthankar Mahavir, 2nd has Tirthankar Pushpadant, 3rd has Munisubratnath and other have 12 idols. In the outer part are many idols which were brought from Vaibhargiri.

Mulnayak: Tirthankars Mahavir, Pushpadant, Munisubratnath

Other statues: Many other idols

Dharamshala Temple:

Mulnayak: Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir

Other Statues: Ten other idols

How to reach: Railway train available, Bus available, Taxi available and can go by car.  Station Rajgir - 2km. Rajgir is 13 km. from Nalanda and 23 km. from Biharsharif, near Patna.

Lodging: Staying facilities available.