State: Bihar

Title: Siddha Kshetra

City: Sammed Shikhar

Information: This is also known as Mount Parasnath. Twenty Tirthankars (except Tirthankars Rishabhdev, Vasupujay, Neminath, and Mahavir) and innumerable munis have obtained liberation here. It takes the pilgrim about four hours to reach the top of the hillock, where two temples and twenty four shrines are localed on different peaks. The trip around the shrines takes about six hours. It totals an eighteen miles trip to make the complete pilgrimage of the Sammed Shikker. On all peaks Charans are present. Sammed Shikhar is about 1500 meters above sea level. Tirthankar Parasvnath Tonk is most  gorgeous and is the highest.

How to reach: Railway train available, Bus available,Taxi available and can go by car.  Madhuban. 25 km from Girdinh station. 22 km from Parshvanath Isari -Bus. Madhuvan the foothill of Sammedshikar is near Eeshari for which Parasnath is the station on the Delhi - Calcutta line of Eastern Railway. From Calcutta to Girdeeh, then by bus to Eeshari and Madhuvan the foothill of Sammedshikar.

Lodging: Madhuvan has various Dharamshalas with all lodging and boarding facilities. Those who are unable to climb the hills because of physical weakness, they rent 'doli' for this trip.






Other Places:

temple1: Peaks (Koots)

History1: As we proceed on the trip, we can see the following koots -

1). Gautam Gandhar Koot   2). Gyandhar Koot of Kuntunath

3). Mitravar Koot of Neminath   4). Nathak Koot of Arahnath

5). Sambal Koot of Malinath    6). Sankul Koot of Shreyansnath

7). Suprabh Koot of Pushpadant  8). Mohan Koot of Padamprabhu

9). Nirjar Koot of MuniSubratnath  10). Lalit Koot of Chandraprabhu

12). Vidyut Koot of Sitalnath ( has two Koots on this peak )

13). Swayambhu Koot of Anantnath   14). Dhawal Koot of Sambhavnath

15). Vasupujay Koot  has five set of Charans

16). Anand Koot of Abhinandannath

It is total of sixteen koots on 15 peaks.


Temple2: Jalmandir

After Anand Koot is the Jalmandir, which is  located in a tank.

Mulanayak2: Idol of Parasnath of blackstone 3 ft. 6 in. in padmasan.

Temple3Going West after the Jalmandir and Gautam Swami peak, we can visit

these nine peaks -

1). Dharamnath Tonk   2). Sumatinath Tonk  3). Shantinath Tonk

4). Mahavir Swami Tonk  5). Suparsnath Tonk  6). Vimalnath Tonk

7). Ajitnath Tonk     8). Neminath Tonk   9). Parasnath Tonk

Parasnath is the tallest peak . In its north is the Ajay river and in its

south is the Damodar river.

Temple4: Eeshari Temple

Eeshari has a big temple.

Mulnayak: Tirthankars Chandraprabhu, and Parasnath

Other Statues: Mahavir

Temple5: Terapanthi Kothi

Terapanthi kothi has 13 Jain temples.

Mulnayak5: Shantinath, Parasnath, Pushpadanta, Neminath, Ajitnath, Mahavir

Other Statues5: Sahastrakoot Jinalya

Temples6: Beespanthi Kothi

Beespanthi has 8 temples

Mulnayak6: Parasnath, Ajitnath, Chaubisi

Other statues6:

Temples7: Bahubali Temple

Mulnayak7: Bahubali

Other Statues: Several different complexes with other monuments.