Before starting your Samayik or Pratikraman, finish all your other worldly chores, so that your mind does not get involved in those thoughts.  This includes all the physiological as well as socio-economic matters.  Select a quiet place so that you can concentrate.  It is preferable that it has good natural ventilation, also it should have enough natural light.  Wear simple, freshly washed clothes.  Two pieces of white cotton wrap around are advised.  Sit on a mat just big enough for one person.  Clean the sitting place with a Rajoharan, or something else which is gentle to remove any bugs if present.  Take care at all times, that you do not hurt any bug or insect.



After dressing up properly and getting in a proper place, recite first four lessons, and after that sit motionless and meditate on either Lesson 3 and Lesson 1, or Lesson 1 alone for five times.  After this, recite Lesson 5. Then, offer three bow downs to monks or nuns present, or to Lord Shri Simandhar Swami in the direction of North-East corner.  Then, recite Lesson 6 and Lesson 7, and after that, recite Lesson 1 for three times.  This completes how you accept the vow of Samayik for 48 minutes.



Recite first four lessons, and after that sit motionless, and meditate on either Lesson 3 and Lesson 1, or Lesson 1 alone for five times.  After the meditation is over, recite Lesson 5. After this, recite Lesson 8 and Lesson 7, and after that, recite Lesson 1 for three times.  This completes the end of the vow of Samayik.



During Samayik or Pratikraman, we concentrate our minds.  So we keep our thoughts and body steady, without movement.  There are thirty-two different kind of mistakes that we should avoid, as listed in our scriptures, for mind, speech, and body.

The ten mental lapses to avoid are:  Doing Samayik without respect to Dev, Guru and Dharma, or for fame and prestige, or out of desire for wealth, or with fear or pride, or for other material reward, or with doubt, anger, or impertinence, or under compulsion, without the willingness to do it.

The ten verbal lapses to avoid are:  Speaking bad words or speaking without thinking, or talking or singing songs which raise uncontrollable emotions, or indulging in quarrelsome language, gossips, mocking language, irrationality, or in doubtful (mixed) speech, or uttering incomplete words or letters, or uttering speedily without clarity.

The twelve physical lapses avoid are:  Sitting uncourteously with crossed legs or with one leg over another, or with unsteady posture, or with unsteady eye-sight, or by leaning against something, or with hand on the head or forehead or in a sorrowful posture, or doing domestic work, or stretching body, hands, or legs lazily, or drowsily, or making sound by cracking knuckles, or scratching dirt from body or rubbing itching parts, or sleeping.

By doing Samayik without these mistakes, and doing it with correct procedure, we get immense and incalculable benefits.





Namo Arihant„nam, I bow down to Arihants; Namo Siddh„nam, I bow down to Siddhas; Namo Žyari„nam, I bow down to Žch„ry„s; Namo Uvajz„y„nam, I bow down to Up„dhy„ys; Namo Loe savva S„hunam, I bow down to the universal fraternity of S„dhus and S„dhvies.

This fivefold obeisance destroys all sins, and is the foremost among all the auspicious activities.



(This is done to present Sdhus, or to Lord Arihant in North-East)

With three times clockwise movements of the folded hands, I bow down and kneel down to you.  I honor you, Lord, and I respect you.  You are Blessed, you are Auspicious, and you are Divine.  You are learned, and you give peace to all souls.



I desire to free myself from all my sins.  I may have pained living beings while walking on the road.  While coming or going, I may have crushed living beings, seeds, plants, dew, anthills, spider webs, live water, or live earth.  Whatever living beings or souls, with one sense, two senses, three senses, four senses or five senses, that I may have inflicted pain, crushed, attacked, covered with dust, rubbed, collided with one another, tormented by turning on one side or completely upside down, moved from one place to another, frightened, bothered, alarmed or separated from life:  may all such sins be dissolved.  TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.



(Preparation for Meditation)

I do Kayotsarg, that is, foresake all activities by adopting a motionless posture for repenting and achieving further purification, and for nullifying and destroying my sins and Karmas, by remaining at one place for uplifting of my blemished soul.  Let my Kayotsarg be unbroken and nonviolate from exceptions such as breathing in or out, coughing, sneezing, yawning, burping, passing bodily gases, dizziness, vomiting sensation, fainting, subtle bodily movements such as swallowing sputum, or flickering of eyes, or by thieves, King, fire, fierce animals, etc.  Until I complete it by mentally reciting Navkar Pad to the Arihants, I will keep my body steady at one place, in complete silence and meditation, and keep away from all sinful activities.  (Now stay in Kayotsarg for 25 respirations.)



I chant, appreciate, and praise Arihant Lords, and the Kevali Lords, who are the destroyers of Karma enemies, conquerors of love and hatred, founders of fourfold Sanghas and who cause luminescence in the entire universe.  I bow down to them.  The names of these 24 Tirthankars are:

Shri Rushabhadev Swami,

Shri Ajitnath Swami,

Shri Sambhavnath Swami,

Shri Abhinandan Swami,

Shri Sumatinah Swami,

Shri Padmaprabhu Swami,

Shri Suparshvanath Swami,

Shri Chandraprabhu Swami,

Shri Suvidhinath Swami,

Shri Shitalnath Swami,

Shri Shreyansanath Swami,

Shri Vasupujya Swami,

Shri Vimalnath Swami,

Shri Anantanath Swami,

Shri Dharmanath Swami,

Shri Shantinath Swami,

Shri Kuntunath Swami,

Shri Aranath Swami,

Shri Mallinath Swami,

Shri Munisuvrat Swami,

Shri Naminath Swami,

Shri Neminath Swami,

Shri Parshvanath Swami,  and

Shri Mahavir Swami.


May these 24 Tirthankars and other Kevali Jinas, who have removed the Karma particles, who have destroyed and ended the cycle of aging and death, be pleased with me.

Oh!  Lord Siddhas, you are supreme in the Universe, free from Karmas.  I have praised you verbally, bowed down to you physically, and worshipped you mentally; hence do bestow upon me the benefit of true faith and deep meditation, and may you give me the supreme position of Siddha.

Oh!  Lord Siddhas, purer than the moon, brighter than the sun, calmer than oceans, confer upon me the blessed Liberation.



I abandon the mind, body, and speech of the sinful activities, the area being the entire universe, the time limit being forty-eight minutes, and above that, until I do not ritually complete the vow, with my pure attitude, by six limitations attentively and vigilantly.  Oh Respected Lords, I perform the vow of Samayik.

Oh!  Reverend Lords, I undertake Samayik and vow to abandon all sinful activities, in two ways, that is, I will not do and I will not get it done, and by three means of mind, speech and body, until my vow lasts.  Oh Reverend Lords, I refrain from sins, I censure my sins, and even more so in the presence of you, I vow to keep my soul away from sins.


Part 1 - Siddhas and Arihants

I offer respect to Lord Siddhas and Arihants, who are:  Pioneers of religion, Founders of fourfold Sangh, Self enlightened, Supreme, Strong as lions, Pure like the best Pundarik lotuses, Like the best Gandhasti elephants.

In the universe, you are the supreme, master of all, beneficent to all, and Illuminating like a lamp.

You are:  Endowers of fearlessness, Bestower of true vision, Guides to the religious path, Givers of shelter to those troubled by life and death, Donors of religion, Preachers, Leaders, Guides, and Charioteers of the right faith.

You end the transmigration of souls from the cycle of births.  You are an island for the souls sinking in the life-ocean, Saviours of souls.  You are bearers of absolute knowledge and vision.  Your ignorance is totally gone.  You are victors of craving and aversion, and are the cause for others to win over the same.

You have crossed over the ocean of transmigration and cause others to do so.  You are self-enlightened ones and are inspirator of enlightened faith to others.  You have Self-liberated from Karmas and are liberators to others.

You are the Omniscients lords, have omnivision.  You are free from calamity, steadfast, free from diseases, infinite and endless, unperishable, and unmolested.

Oh!  Lord Siddhas, you have reached to the state from where re- birth is ruled out and you are liberated, while Oh!  Lord Arihants, you have reached to the state from where re-birth is ruled out and you would be liberated.

My salutation to those Jineshwaras who have conquered all seven fears.



(by Manubhai Doshi)

I bow to Lord Parshwanath, who is served by the demi-god Parshwa, who is the remover of all afflictions, free from all sorts of Karmas, the destroyer of the poison of the poisonous animals, and is the abode of bliss and well being.

If one regularly wears the charm of Vishadharsfulling (snake charmer) on his neck, planetary animosity, disease, plague and severe fevers would be calmed down.

Aside from that charm, even bowing to you would be highly fruitful (resulting in divine life etc.); all beings would not (thereby) be in an unhappy or a miserable state.

If one gains the truth presented by you, which is superior even to the desire yielding tree, the soul can gain ageless and immortal state without any obstacles.

Great graceful Lord, I have adored you this way with devoted heart, therefore Lord Parshwanath, kindly bless me with the true knowledge in every (remaining) birth.



(by Manubhai Doshi)

Detached Lord, preceptor of the universe, victory to you.  My Lord, by your grace, let me have the following:

Disillusion for embodyment, treading along the true path, attainment of desired fruits, abandonment of activities against the public interests, worship of the worthy, benevolent action, contact of true guides, and lifelong and uninterrupted following of your precepts.

Detached Lord, your scriptures forbid and treat it a bondage to ask for any specific reward for the deeds.  Still, I pray for servitude at your feet birth after birth.  By bowing to you, let me get destruction of afflictions and Karmas, equanimous death and gain the benefit of true perception.



Monks (Sadhus) and Nuns (Sadhvies)

I offer respect to all those monks and nuns, who go around with the permission of their superiors and follow the principles laid down for them by passionless Lord Arihants and Siddhas.

They are my religious teachers, perceptors and preachers, conferrers of true faith and knowledge, the ornaments of path of Jainism, and are worthy of many titles.

I offer obeisance to them now, and again and again, and let it reach wherever they may be.




I have completed Samayik, subject to the limitations of matter, space, time and attitude.  In this vow of Samayik, there were five faults to be avoided.  They were:

1.   Mentally indulging in a foul way,

2.   Indulging in foul language,

3.   Indulging in foul acts,

4.   Negligence or carelessness, and

5.   Terminating it too soon.


If I have indulged in any of the above, then may all such faults be dissolved.  TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.

If I have not behaved properly, not observed properly, not worshiped properly, as ordained by the Lord Vitraag, then may all my lapses be dissolved.

While performing Samayik, if I have indulged in any of the mental gossips about sex, food, or politics, then may all such faults be dissolved.

While performing Samayik, if I have fallen a prey to any of the 4 instincts of appetite, fear, passion or possessiveness, then may all my such lapses be dissolved.

While performing Samayik, if I have thought of committing violations (Atikrama), made preparation for the commission of such violations (Vyatikrama), attempted to commit such violations (Atichara), or actually committed the violations (Anachara) of any restraints, then may all my such lapses be dissolved.

Samayik Vrat was undertaken, performed, and completed in a professed manner.  If any error has crept in, then may all such lapses be dissolved.

While performing Samayik, during recitation, if any scriptural errors have been committed, by way of omissions, inclusions, or variations of the text, then may all my errors be dissolved.  TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.