Justice T.U.Mehta

Publisher's Note

We feel immense pleasure in bringing out the present title, 'The Path of Arhat : A Religious Democracy' authored by Justice T. U. Mehta, as 63rd volume of Pujya Sohanalal Smaraka Parsvanatha Sodhapitha.

There are a number of books in English on different branches of Jainism, as well as on specific topics of its different branches. Most of the works are either theses or scholarly works, discussing the subject with its minute details. So far as the works, meant to give a proper understanding of Jaina Philosophy and Ethics, as a whole, in the light of Jaina Spirituality and Jaina view of life are concerned, we have few. Though there have been some efforts on the part of Western Scholars, to write introductory books on Jainism, yet they could not do justice with it, due to two factors; their biased outlooks towards Jainism as well as their lack of proper understanding of Jaina tradition. Hence a need for publication of a book for common men particularly Jainas-living and brought up on foreign soils and for foreign nationals by one who is fully aware of Jaina tradition and religion, was being felt since long. Fortunately Honorable Justice T. U. Mehta has made a fruitful effort in this direction. He himself has remarked in his note "....my long cherished idea of writing something on Jainism for all my grand children, who are reared and brought up in America'.

We hope that his book, will fulfill the demand of the common English knowing person, who are interested in knowing Jainism comprehensively in brief time. This work attempts to explain and examine Jainism and its relevance in modern age, Justice Mehta has presented Jainism very authentically and lucidly.

We hope readers will find it interesting and will appreciate the effort of Justice Mehta. If this work arouses the interest of readers in knowing more about Jainism, we shall consider our effort worthwhile.

We are very grateful to Justice Mehta for giving this work to us for publication and also for making generous donation to meet out major part of the expenses of its publication.

We should thank Prof. Sagarmal Jaina Director, Pujya Sohanalala Smaraka Parsvanatha Sodhapitha and Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Research Officer, who edited this work and saw it through the press.

The proof-reading of this work has been done by Dr. Ashok and Mr. S.K. Upadhyaya, Naya Sansar Press, so my thanks are due to them also, again to the latter for fine printing.

12-2-93. B. N. Jain

Nuchem Plastics Ltd. Secretary

20/6 Mathura Road, Pujya Sohanalala Smaraka

Faridabad. Parsvanatha Sodhapitha