'The Practical Path' is a companion volume to my earlier work, 'The Key of Knowledge', to which the reader is referred for fuller information on the subject of comparative theology, and for a general survey of the basic principles of religion. The object of the present volume is to point out the practical, scientific method of self-realization, as laid down by the Jaina Tirthankaras who rose to the highest height of perfection with its aid. I have, therefore, refrained from repeating what I have already said in 'The Key of Knowledge', though no effort has been spared to make the present volume as self-contained and complete in its own department as possible.


It is conceivable that the detailed information on the subject of Karma and other matters contained in the following pages might prove a little too tiresome for a certain class of critics; but obviously no details are too many for a proper study of a subject, and the mind which feels confounded with fullness of detail is never of the scientific sort, but only a frivolous one. There is no department of science, which can afford to dispense with detailed knowledge; nor can ought, but palsy of intellect result from unscientific thought. For this very reason, it has not been found necessary to refer to the non-Jaina systems of Yoga, as they mainly content themselves with general discourses on abstract propositions about the method of self-realization. Mystic in thought and tendency, they are seldom, if ever, clear or exact enough to enable one to know precisely what to do in a given situation, and are not only useless and dangerous to experiment with, but also foster much unholy superstition and spirit of mystification in the minds of men by their veiled and obscure hints and innuendoes.





1st October 1916.






This is a reprint of the Book "The Practical Path" written by Late Shri Champat Rai Jain Barrister-at-Law. Out of ten chapters in the old book only first nine chapters have been included in this edition and the book has been re-named as "Fundamentals of Jainism". there is great dearth of an Authenticated book on the Jainism in English as such Veer Nirvan Bharti, with blessings of Pujya Mahamuni Shri 108 Vidyanand Ji, decided to reprint this book. This is the Vth publication of Veer Nirvan Bharti and we hope in the present book, readers will understand easily the Principles of Jainism.


                                                 Sunder Lal Jain