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Bon-Bon Biscuit
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  Cocoa Biscuit
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  Jam Biscuit
  Kesar-Pista Biscuit
  Lemon Chocolate Biscuit
  Nut Ring



200 grams all-purpose flour,      80 grams margarine,

100 grams powder sugar,      1/2-tsp. baking powder,

1 tsp. vanilla extract,      2 tbsp. cocoa powder,

4-5 tbsp. cold milk.


Shift all-purpose flour, baking powder. Mix margarine with the flour and mix well. Add milk and knead the flour to puri-like consistency. Divide the flour into two. In one part add vanilla extract. In another part, mix cocoa powder. Dust the roller and roll out two chapatis of 1/4 inch thickness.


Place one chapati over the other and make a roll. Press the upper part. Cut 1/2 inch long strips. Grease and dust oven tray. Arrange them in the tray with 2 inches apart. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degree F. when cool serve them.