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Sub-Categories of Corn Varieties
Apple-Guava Curry
Chaay Bhel
  Chatpata Roll
  Harabhara Kabab
  Kabuli Chaat
  Ker-Sangari Curry
  Parched Pice (Poha) Corquetes
  Rice Pancakes
  Urad Dal Vada


Sub-Categories of Food  Varieties


2 apples 2 guava

2-tbsp. red chili red powder � tsp. turmeric powder

3 cloves 3 cinnamon

10-12 raisins 4-5 cashew-nuts

2-tsp. Sugar

1-tsp. coriander seeds powder 1-tbsp. cumin seeds powder

2-tbsp. ghee.


Wash and scrap apples. Cut apples and guava into big pieces.

Melt ghee in a pot. Put cloves and cinnamon. Roast cashew-nuts and raisins. After 2 minutes add guava and apples. Cook and add turmeric powder, coriander seeds powder, cumin seeds powder, red chili powder and salt and sugar. Mix well. Remove and stir.