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Some important hints for cake making:

For doing the icing one needs nozzle, which are available in different shapes and are marked with numbers. But, as different companies have different numbers it is better to choose one's design.

Icing syringes can be used for result and one can change the nozzle without removing icing. But the cheapest is to make cones from plastic bag and cut from the bottom for nozzle.

Icing ruler is also important for leveling the icing. A plastic ruler can also be used.

Palette knives are used for spreading and smoothing icing.

Cake boards are generally used for transport.

Cake moulds are available in different shapes and sizes.



Always use right measurement as mentioned in the recipe.

Use measurement jars and tsps. for perfect measurement.

Always grease the cake tray.

For making spongy cakes use cut and fault method.

Shift the ingredients before use.

Cut the cake into half and sprinkle sugar water on the cake and apply icing on one part and cover with the other part.