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  Tri-Color Rice




1-cup basmati rice                 100 grams peas

50 grams apricots (jardalu)      25 grams cashew-nuts

1-tbsp. poppy seeds              25 grams raisins

4 tbsp. ghee                          2-tbsp. sugar



For the stuffing:

3 tbsp. green chili paste      salt

2-tsp. all-purpose flour        � cup pomegranate seeds

4 cloves                             4 cardamom

2 cinnamon.



Wash and soak the rice in the water for � hour. Cook rice in the boiling water. Cook well, until al the rice separates, boil peas. Add salt, sugar and ghee.

Remove the almond seeds from the apricot (Jaradalu). Soak in the water for an hour. Add salt, chili paste, all-purpose flour and make good smooth mixture. Grind if needed. Make equal size small ball. Fry in the oil. These are called nargis balls. Saut� the cashew-nuts and raisins.

Heat ghee in a pot. Make baghar with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Add cooked rice, nargis balls, fried cashew-nut, raisins and mix well. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds powder and poppy seeds. Mix well.