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Sub-Categories of RICE PLATES
Bisi Belle Rice
Chinese Fried Rice
Hydrabadi Biryani
  Kadai Pulav
  Mexican Pulav
  Nargis Pulav With Navabi Curry
  Navani Curry
  Safferon Sweet Rice
  Tomato Sabji Pulav
  Tri-Color Rice




1 grated coconut            2-cups water

3 tomatoes                    � cup coriander leaves

8-10 curry leaves            salt

� cup all-purpose flour    � cup plain yogurt

50 grams mung dal         4 green chilies.



Grind coconut, tomatoes, soaked mung dal and chilies.

Melt ghee saut� curry leaves and chili paste. Add tomato pulp. Beat plain yogurt and mix all-purpose flour to it. Mix coconut-mung dal paste and stir. Add sugar, coriander leaves. Boil for sometime until look a like thick curry. Serve warm with pulav.