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Sub-Categories of SAUCE
Chilly Sauce
Tomato Ketchup
White Sauce



3-kilo tomatoes

300 grams sugar

5 to 10 grams garam masala

30 grams salt

9 ml.-Acetic acid

2 ml.-Sodium benzoate
3 grams corn flour


Take fresh, fully ripe, red and medium sized tomatoes. Wash and chop tomatoes. Boil until all the tomatoes are cooked. Shift through a fine shift.


Put the tomato pulp on the gas. Add sugar and boil until it thickens. Mix corn flour in little water and mix garam masala and red chilly powder. Stir until it thickens. Add salt and remove a little on a plate to see whether, water leaves sides from the sauce. Then remove from the gas.