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The vow
Aims & Means

1. I will not wilfully kill any innocent creature.

  • I will not commit suicide.
  • I will not, commit foeticide.

2. I will not attack anybody.

  • I will not support aggression.
  • I will endeavour to bring about world peace and disarmament.

3. I will not take part in violent agitations or in any destructive activities.

4. I will believe in human unity.

  • I will not discriminate on the basis of caste, colour etc., nor will I treat anyone as an untouchable.

5. I will practise religious toleration.

  • I will not rouse sectarian frenzy.

6. I will observe rectitude in business and general behaviour.

  • I will not harm others in order to serve any ends.
  • I will not practise deceit.

7. I will set limits to the practice of continence and acquisition.

8. I will not resort to unethical practices in elections.

9. I will not encourage socially evil customs.

10. I will lead a life free from addictions.

  • I will not use intoxicants like alcohol, hemp, heroin, tobacco. etc.

11. I will always be alert to the problems of keeping the environment pollution-free.

  • I will not cut down trees.
  • I will not waste water.

(for every Anuvrati it is obligatory to practise the Anuvrats of the class concerned).