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Sub-Categories of Others(Preksha Dhayan )
Book Introduction  
Ch:1 - What Is Preksha ?  
Ch:2 - Aim of Preksha Dhyana  
Ch:3 - Preconditions of Preksha Dhyana  
Ch:4 - Spiritual Vigilance  
Ch:5 - Relaxation with Self Awareness  
Ch:6 - Internal Trip  
Ch:7 - Perception of Breathing  
Ch:8 - Perception of Body  
Ch:9 - Perception of Phychic Centres  
Ch:10 - Perseption of Phychic Colours  
Ch:11 - Perception of Present Moment  
Ch:12 - Perception of Thoughts-Equnimity  
Ch:13 - Self-Discipline: Development of Will-Power  
Ch:14 - Reflection, Contemplation & Concentration  

Preksha Dhayan

Preksha dhyana is a technique of meditation for attitudinal change, behavioural modification and,integrated development of personality. It is based on the wisdom of ancient philosophy and has been formulated in terms of modern scientific concepts. We hope that the synthesis of the ancient wisdom and the modern scientific knowledge would help us in achieving the blissful aim of establishing amity, peace and happiness in the world by eradicating the bestial urges such as cruelty, retaliation and hatred.