If you observe yourself and find a physical lack, then you can tell yourself:  “Somewhere I have made fun of somebody.  At that time I was not aware of what I was doing.  Because of ignorance I went on causing pain to somebody.  What I have now is the result of a feeling, gesture, vibration which I sent and which became concertized.” 

You were born to certain parents.  Why?  It shows some previous vibrations.  You have chosen you.  Depending on the previous relationship, it will be a superior or inferior heredity, caused by what are called heredity-determining Karmas.  If the previous bond was painful, then you have come to cancel or undo the wrong, or you have come to allow the parents to experience and erase their past vibrations. 

Most important is to know your deeds, dreams and motives.  That ia the clay which you use too comose your life.  It is on the basis of your unique idea, speech action that you select a family, that family whose genes will permit you to express best that dream.  Therein lies your unique temperament, nature character, growth pattern.  That is why in the whole of the universe you will not find a single carbon copy of yourself. 

The closer in touch you are with your dream, the closer you come to living your approach to life and to making your dream come true.  For example, those souls who for a long period of time, in at least three or four births, deeply cherish a feeling to lift all living beings from pain, suffering, and violence, become so engulfed with that longing that each cell of their consciousness is permeated by it.  They are swimming in Because of their compassionate vibrations of amity, gradually their whole consciousness becomes scented with feelings of helping all. 

Now there are no longer any heavy karmas binding them.  Their positive vibrations take them, to parents who are healthy and mananimous.  The mother who carries this child is superb, positive.  Each cell of the body of this child is so vibrant with magnetic power that when people come into his or her presence they are lifted.  In this birth this soul receives a golden voice, a command over words, pleasing aroma in order to actualize one dream: to free all beings from suffering by bringing them to the path of Enlightenment.

Nothing in the world is impossible for mankind.  Whatever miracle we see in the field of medicine, architecture, invention, is the result of human consciousness and power.  Whatever spiritual growth we experience comes from our longing to grow and to help others grow. 

What happens to many people is that their mental habits come in their way and take away the positive effect of their meditation.  The newfound bliss, courage, zeal, and awareness are covered up again. So what is needed is constant realization and faith in one self.  Say to yourself, “If someone can do it, why not I?” 

Realize that the “I” that was there in the amoeba as an unconscious or subconscious individuality has reached the state of  “I can do it.”  “I cannot do it” is a conditioned feeling built by society and outside influences.  To break that conditioning.  Swim against the current and work on “I can do it”; I am capable of doing and undoing;  I can erase those old vibration which are collected and stored up from the past.”  Analyzing them you are canceling them.  Knowing which vibrations are coming in your way is dismissing them.

Who is compelling you to carry those vibrations which you do not want?  No one but you.  You have not removed them because you have not yet exerted your energy to remove them.  When you realize “Who am I?” and “I can do it,” you are working with dynamic power.  You stop all blaming and start taking some responsibility on you.  You know the art of using living positive vibrations to scatter old negative ones. 

Try writing down anything which bothers you, anything which you do not want, in a proper sentence on a blackboard in your mind.  Then write down the positive things that you do want on a whiteboard.  Start erasing the blackboard items one by one, and then place your full attention on what you want.  Using this method of visualizing, you will be able to change the focus of your consciousness completely.

When you are clear about what you want, you will not be tempted by that which you do not need.  When you know yourself, you will know your quest.  When you know your quest, you will know others’ quest.  With out knowing yourself, you won’t be able to know others. 

From To Light One Candle:

 jayam chare jayam chitthe

jayam ase jayam sa-e

jayam bhuujanto bhasanto

pavam kammam na bandha-I


                                                  Jain Dashvaikalik Sutra


When you walk, walk with awareness.

When you stand,

be mindful that your are standing.

When you sit, know what you are doing.

When you sleep, remain aware.

When you speak and eat,

do not commit any harm

to any living being.

In this way, you will stop inviting

painful consequences and will no longer

create cycles of karmic bondage for yourself.

 Once a European woman came to India.  She loved a certain flower and wherever she went she brought the seeds of that flower with her.  She would say, “I stayed with you two or three days, now I would like to plant my favorite flower in your house.”  And the people would bring a pot, some  soil, a little water, and she would plant the seeds.  In Madras, Bombay, Bangalore in each house where she stayed, these plants flourish and the flowers are blossoming,  It is a simple message:  “What you love, you share.  Let you smile and fragrance remind others of your presence.” 

So take a little time and in the silence uncover your quest when your are calm and quiet, you get in touch with you innate light and  fragrance of amity and from that your mind will acquire the power of your positive vibrations to detemine your life in that direction.  Sharing with others what you have to share, you neither take time for self-pity nor rush into the corner in search of personal salvation. 

Connected to that changeless beneath all the changes, you will be connected to that changeless in everyone Seeing your real “I”,you will see the whole world as  “I”’ Dare to invest yourself in the world and see what happens—you receive your Larger Self in return. Dare to commune—through compassion, cooperation, and communication—and continually you will rediscover your place in the universe….

For Contemplation:

 “The theme of meditation is this: to reach that root where fear does not exist and where vibrant life is always felt.  This is what we mean by immortality.  This is called relating to ourselves.”

 “As man becomes icreasingly aware of his intrinsic quality and of his capacity for spiritual growth, soul becomes master, using matter in a creative way for his help rather than allowing matter to dominate.  When sould ascends to its natural state, it floats like a lotus on the surface of a lake using the body for a  purpose: to carry conscious energy to fruition and fulfillment.” 

“The whole universe is helping us survive and evolve.  When  we realize that without universal help we cannot live a single day, something in us (pudgala: matter) lets go and melts.  We cannot stop the progressive process by with holding ourselves.  We flow in a reciprocal way with the universe as we see each microcosm receiving help from macrosom towards our movement of freedom.

 “First find out what is you unique dream, with what you will be happy.  Then ask yourself, ‘Do I share with the world what I need and want for myself?’  No one is either dependent or independent, but all are interdependent in a spiritually evolving world.” 

“There is no past which determines our future.  Karmas built by living life have the  capacity to be evaporated or transmuted by living vibrations.  Who is compelling you to carry those vibration which you do not want?  No one but you.  You have not removed attachment and so you have not yet exerted your energy to shed them,  When you realize who am I?’ and ‘I can do it,’ you are working with soul’s dynamic power.  You stoop wasting your time on blaming othes and take responsibility for your life.


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