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Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) -  Introduction

Problems of Modern Life-Style
Dynamics of Attitude
Main steps in Practical Training
Value-education through Anupreksha and Bhavana
Balanced System of Education
Four aspects of the Science of Living
The Science of Living :Its Basis and Process
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Why Teach The Science of Living ?
The Development of an Independent Personality
Education and the Problem of the Mind
The Science of Living and Experiments in Intuition
The Science of Living & the building of a New Generation
The Science of Living and Social Life
The Science of Living: A New Dimension of Education
A Retrospect

Chapter-18 : by Acharya Mahapragya

Jain Vishva Bharati


A Retrospect

In the last 10 years the Science of Living has been experimented upon in various fields.

Here is a brief account.

1. Teachers' Training : More than 500 teachers (both from government and private schools) have been imparted training in Science of Living. They are now teaching the same to the students. The education officers were also given the training.

2. Students' Training : So far, nearly 50,000 students have regularly learnt the subject. The objective and subjective assessments have given wonderful results.

3. Police Officers' Training: In an experiment, 100 police officers were given training through Police Academy.

4. Business Executives and Professionals' Training : Through Chambers of Commerce and such other institutes short courses have been conducted.

Course Organisation & Direction

So far, training courses have been organised for General Public, Police Dept, Education Dept and more such courses are planned for different disciplines, professions and work-areas.


1. Courses are organised under the patronage of Yuga-pradhan Acharya Tulsi and the guidance of Yuvacharya Mahapragya by experienced and highly proficient and dedicated Sadhakas.

2. Selected specialists from the Departments of Physiology, Anatomy, Medicine, endocrinology, Bio-chemistry, Psychiatry, Pathology and Preventive Social Medicine of Medical Colleges/Institutes in India.

3. Selected Specialists from the Depts. of Psychology, Philosophy, Education & Sociology, of Universities/Institutes in India.

4. Eminent Guest Faculty.