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Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) -  Introduction

Problems of Modern Life-Style
Dynamics of Attitude
Main steps in Practical Training
Value-education through Anupreksha and Bhavana
Balanced System of Education
Four aspects of the Science of Living
The Science of Living :Its Basis and Process
The Problem of Education
Why Teach The Science of Living ?
The Development of an Independent Personality
Education and the Problem of the Mind
The Science of Living and Experiments in Intuition
The Science of Living & the building of a New Generation
The Science of Living and Social Life
The Science of Living: A New Dimension of Education
A Retrospect

Chapter-6 : by Acharya Mahapragya

Jain Vishva Bharati



Education has been the chief determinant of all development. The basic meaning of education is practice. Nowadays we have forgotten this meaning. Today by education we mean studying.

Today the education institutions are facing many problems which are far too many in the case of colleges and universities than in those of primary schools. Educational institutions, the family, the society and the country all expect that the students should be disciplined and that they should have a good character. We want education to develop character, discipline, restraint and toleration. Somehow this is not happening. What we are witnessing is the occurrence of vandalism, violent agitations and arrogance. The reason is obvious. Modern education has nothing to offer for the students' mental and emotional development. Our schools are full of teachers of physical exercises and yogic postures as well as of those who dole out enormous quantities of materials for intellectual development but they have hardly anyone who can take care of the student's mental and emotional development. The Government is not in the least worried about it, nor does the present system of education offer any method for solving the problem. We want to reap the fruits without sowing the seeds and blame the system of education for everything. How surprising ! It is a clear indication of topsy turviness.