Sreven has this to say of his experience at the Jain Meditation International Centre.

 ‘My strength has increased by watching the people who come into the centre and into Gurudev’s teaching, and the miracles that start taking place in their lives.  When I see the tormented faces of the people who first came here, see their eyes reflecting their inner pain, and then I watch the change which comes into their being from Gurudev’s teaching, his gentle spirit, and from Jainism.  My own heart at times almost bursts with the deepest of love and gratitude towards him.  And I become very humble in front of that spirit which emanates from Gurudev Chitrabhanu even from the distance invisibly.  He is like a lone shining star in the vast darkness that covers this earth.’

 "For I am seeing with my own eyes and hearing with my own ears the fruits of Gurudev’s spirit and teaching.  And he is not even here.  So I walk with the light and try to share his light and the light of the unending line of Jain teachers through the ages.’

‘I thank you again for your generosity and giving heart to your being an instrument in helping to spread the gentle teaching of harmlessness towards all living beings.’

Bruce’s comments on the role of the teacher are intellectually profound and in couched intensely philosophical expression: He also emerges as a highly advanced committed and serious pupil.

‘Conventional time (Vyavahar Kala) is vanishing by so fast that many of the distincions such as day and night no longer have significance.  There is more of the experience of a greater time  which is beyond daily experience.  There have been many significant events which continuously occur and which further verify the validity of the Jain view of Reality.  It is a great joy to experience in one’s life the wisdom of the Master scientists of human (all living beings) happiness.  The practice of Upayoga as you taught is of profound benefit.  (Benefit is an incomplete descriptive term as assumably Upayoga can be understood as the manifestation of the consciousness and attribute of the Jiva?)  Also what can be seen is the great wisdom you have because of the way you refined the teaching to the practical essentials and then presented it in such a way that  it is accessible to all people.  Namaste, Gurudev Chandraprabha Sagarji.’

‘Meditation, school and all things are proceeding very well.  There are ups and downs but with upayoga practices, the progress is towards smoothness an equanimity.  Deep, deep insights (consciousness evolution) occur with the practice of Ratnatrya’.  Three jewels: right knowledge.  Right vision, right practice.

Gurudev, deep within this heart is ‘Sraddha’ (faith) which, when the inner activity has become calm,  leaves  monkhood still as the personal humble objective.  It is not even an objective: it is as if it has to be.  It is as if it is a necessity in  one’s life; a completion.  This attitude may be erroneous and please  state if it is.  Maturity is a task for me to achieve, but with the mature steadfastness of an elephant, monkhood and  Jain Dharma are my love.’

‘However, it appears that Sadhuhood is not a simple matter to achieve under the present circumstances.  For one who pursues the teaching of Mahavira and wishes to transcend sectarian differences, this perhaps is not possible.  Or put another way, for one who sees great merit in both main sects and the benefits from the opportunity to participate in both sects, this participation also may not be possible.  Some people here have said that it would be of benefit to the Jains in North America if one studies and becomes an Upadhyaya first.  This would satisfy a community need in North America  and also participation.  This would further allow a greater overview of the present situation and permit a specific direction to be more easily taken when at a later date, the time for diksha (renunciation) is seen to be more appropriate for all concerned.  What are your thoughts on this matter? It canbe discussed when you are in North America.  This matter appears complex but there is faith combined with knowing (Samyak darsharn and samyak guana) that there is an existing process which will resolve in time this momentary complexity.  Perhaps it is the lack of samyak-darshan that gives rise to this complexity.

So that was a brief update.  Presently shri Kunda Kunda’s samayasara is providing inspiration and broad insightful knowledge.’

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