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Dr. Sudarshan Mishra

Dr.Sudarshan Mishra was born on March 5, 1949 at Bhojpur in Bihar. His in-depth knowledge in Prakrit and Jainology can mainly be attributed to the educational qualification he has on the subject. He is an M.A. Gold Medalist in Prakrit and Jainology and an M.A. in Sanskrit from Muzaffarpur, Bihar University.

In 1979 he did his Ph.D. in Prakrit and Jainology on the topic "Mahakavi Pushpadanta aur unka Mahapurana." His thesis in Prakrit and Jainology, "Mahakavi Pushpadanta Krit Mahapurana Ka Sanskritik Vishleshan" for Doctorate in Literature is under preparation. He has secured the National Merit Scholarship and the U.G.C. Scholarship.

Dr.Mishra began his teaching career in 1973 at the Research Institute of Prakrit, Jainology and Ahimsa Vaishali, Bihar. From 1979 to 1993 he worked as Lecturer in Department of Prakrit B.S.S. College, Bachari-Piro, Bhojpur. Here he has also rendered his services as Professor in-charge. Since 1993 he is working as the Principal of the B.S.S College on the recommendation of the Bihar College Service Commission, Patna.

He has to his credit published several research papers. His thesis ‘Mahapurana kee Vasha’ was published in Research Buleteen No.5 of Vaishali Research Institute. ‘Mahakavi Pushpadanta Aur Unka Mahapurana’ was published by the Director, Research Institute of Prakrit, Jainology and Ahimsa, Vaishali, Bihar in 1987. During the All India Oriental Conference two of his papers were published, ‘Mahakavi Pushpadanta Ki Jivanawadhi’ was published in the 34th session held at Visakhapatnam and ‘Mahapurana Kee Sanskritik Pristabhumi’ was published at the 35th session held at Haridwar. At the Prakrit Conference in Bangalore his thesis ‘Bihar men Prakrit Shikshan Kee Sthiti’ was published. He has also guided a candidate in preparing the thesis ‘Prakrit ke Pratinidhi Mahakavjaeak Awalokan’ which enabled the candidate to obtain Ph.D. from Muzaffarpur, Bihar University in 1991.