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Jai Jinendra ,

We will have inspiring and satisfying Abhishek-Prakshal and  Digambar Puja this Sunday, February, 28th 2010 as per the program below.
9.45 AM to 10.00 AM - Neminath Bhagwan Abhishek in Mandir
10.00 AM to 11.30 AM - Samuh Digambar Puja in Mandir
We have Puja books available both Hindi and Gujarati for your reading and singing in Mandir.
As the Digambar Pujas are new at our Jain Center, we want to have as many people join in the Pujas on a regular basis. Please let your relatives and friends know of these activities and events at the Jain Center, so that they can join together.
If you have any special occasion in the family like birthday, anniversary, etc, you can sponsor these Pujas. Your sponsorship always helps the organizers as well as the Jain Center in covering and maintaining this huge but beautiful temple facility of ours. So, please come forward and sponsor the Pujas frequently.
Please contact any one of the following if there are any questions regarding this message.
For any queries, comments or suggestions, please contact:
Kalpana Shah:  909-623-8864 [email protected] com
Narendra Jain:  310-320-5570 [email protected] com
Suhas Vasani:  951-278-0170 [email protected] .net
Jatan Shah:  949-468-7523 [email protected] com
Vina Shah:  714-521-4294 [email protected] com
Dr. Kirit Shah:  626-574-6964 [email protected] com