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Jai Jinendra ,

About hundred and twenty prominent members of Delhi Jain Samaj attended Kshamavani Divas celebrations at the President House on 27 September 2007. The programme started with the introduction speech of Mr. Naren Bhiku Ram Jain. While talking about the importance of Kshamavani Divas in Jain culture, he also congratulated Mrs. Pratibha Patil on her accepting the Presidentship of India. He also thanked her for inviting Jain Samaj.

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President accepting the potrait of Bhagwan Mahaveer from Jain Samaj

Mrs. Prabha Kiran Jain, Mr. Sudip Jain talked about Paryushan and Kshamavani rituals. Mr. M.P. Jain, General Secretary, Mahavir Kendra, Mr. Chakresh Jain, Leader Digambar Samaj, Mr. Salekh Chand Kagji and Mr. Subhash Owal from Sthanakwasi Sect, Mrs. Trishla Jain, Mr. Naresh Madipuria, Mr. Sanjay Bafna, Mr. Trilok Kothari, Mr. Nirmal Sethi, Mr. Puneet Jain, Mr. Ravi Jain, Mrs. Sudha Jain honoured the President with flowers and shawls. Mrs. Patil in her address to the community said, Jain philosophy was also adopted by Mahathma Gandhi in his mission to achieve freedom for the country. She also said that Jain philosophy which propagates vegetarianism and non-violence can bring peace and harmony in the entire country. She also profusely thanked the Jain community for accepting her invitation to visit Rashtrapati Bhawan. About two hours programme ended with the vote of thanks by Mrs. Trishla Jain and dinner hosted by the President. This programme was organised by Mr. M.P. Jain, Mr. Naren Bhiku Ram Jain, Mr. Ravi Jain and Mr. Subhash Oswal. .............................Please click here for some more photographs of the programme