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Pujya Vishuddhmati Mataji


Samadhi of Digambar Jain sadhwi Pujya Vishuddhmati Mataji has performed on 22nd Jan. 2002 at a pilgrimage centre Nandanvan in the Udaipur District of Rajsthan, India. On 17th Jan. 1990 she had taken 12 years Samadhi Sallekhana Vrata from Pujya Ajeet Sagarji Maharaj. In these 12 years she had followed all the systems prescribed in the Granthas to perform Samadhi. on  27-7-2001 she gave up food. In the past 3 months she was taking only water and juice of one fruit after every three days. Since 16th Jan. 2002 she gave up water also. On 22nd Jan. 2002 at 4.29 A.M. she left her mortal existence. Pujya Acharya Vardhman sagarji Maharaj and 33 other Muni and Aryikas were present at the time of her Samadhi. On the same day at 10 A.M. her body was cremated with the sandalwood and coconuts. More then ten thousand persons were present at the time of cremation.
It was the first Samadhi of any Aryika which has performed after completion of full 12 years of Sallekhna Samadhi. Pujya Aryika Vishuddhmati Mataji was fully conscious and hearing Navkar Mantra at the time of her Samadhi. 72 years old Aryika Vishuddhmati Mataji was very learned and written about three dozen Granthas.

-Sudhir Jain