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Sonagiri is on of the oldest and highly sacred teerth of Digamber Jain Samaj. It is extremely popular for its attractive natural surroundings and convenient location. Due to its popularity and availability of large financial corpus placement in management committees is fiercely fought for several years. In 1989 as per High Court order a new committee was given managerial responsibilities. To consolidate its control over temple affairs new committee adopted new constitution and reduced the membership from about 8000 to just few. Now just a few persons control the entire teerth. Formal election do take place but but there is no effective participation of community. Nomination of some of the committees members is also being litigated in M.P. High Court and Registrar of Trust.

There have been frequent complaints of about the maintenance and services to pilgrims. But office bearer have no interest in the physical development of temple village and without this the entire place has become disorganized & chaotic. Earlier "Datia State" during British rule had given full rights to temple committee to manage the entire area but conflicting Jain group surrendered their rights to M.P. government and have signed the lease documents. This also are resulted into new conflict with Area Panchayat Committee of the M. P. Government and temple managing committee. Taking advantage some other religious groups have started damaging temple complex. Main gate of the temple has been broken. Some groups climbed to temple with shoes on. Feared office bearer of the temple remained blank spectators with no reaction.

Noting weakness of office bearer and their in action one Mrs. Sukha Bai, member of district Panchayat has filed a writ in M.P. High Court challenging the sole rights of Jain on the Sonagir Hills.  To avoid trouble temple committee has accepted almost all the demands of Panchayat and the signed the agreement without any discussion with general body. As the population of jain families living in the entire area is negligible it is feared that this place will become another Girnar.Central leadership of Digamber Jain Samaj should understand the seriousness of the local issues and take appropriate legal measures including filing of review petitions with higher courts. The development of place is also important and office bearers should go for planned development and beautification of entire area as required finances are available with the temple.  Courtesy Shri Sunil Jain ( Gaushala Wale ) Sadhna Samachar.