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Jain Rhymes and Songs are the courtesy of
Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana, Pune, India

Shri Shantilalji Muttha, Founding President

Songs for Jr. Kindergarten Term 01            Top

Navkar Mantra 01_c Early in the morning
Jai Jinendra 2 I can see left
Jai Jinendra 02_a A Simple way to greet
Jai Jinendra 02_b I will say Jai Jinendra
JAIN TEMPLE 3 So silently I sit
VEGETARIAN 06_a Pat a cake

Songs for Jr. Kindergarten Term 02            Top

Lesson Name


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NICE 3 I will be nice
KIND 4 I will never hurt anyone
OBEY 6 Listen to my parents
VEGETARIAN 7 I am a vegetarian
MUST NOT FIGHT 8 Little Miss Muffet
GREEDY 9 I am happy